Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour-Turn your lights off

Tonight at 8:30 pm local time, the world will unite in the largest mass action in history to call for action on climate change.  Please turn off your lights for one hour-because we care about the planet and our future.  We are ready to create a cleaner, safer, more secure future.  Spread the word and be part of history.  Be a part of Earth Hour


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grimm's Spiel & Holz Alphabet Magnets

Besides the fact that the colors are gorgeous, these are more than just 26 letters - instead they are 77 magnetic wood pieces used to form the letters of the alphabet (and, as you can see, umlaut marks too) which makes this more challenging. Of course, your kids can form any shapes they want from these pieces as they transition from educational tool to toy.
The nearly $70 price tag hurts a bit, but we're mindful that they are well made (and built to last) with wood, water-based dyes and natural oils and certainly the kind of item that gets passed on and on (maybe to your grandchildren some day). You can find Grimm's Spiel & Holz's Alphabet Magnet set HERE.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Modern Backyard Playhouse

Pretty amazing dad that builded the cutest backyard playhouse for his kids!
Love it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

DIY Fabric Poms

Inspiration shoot over at Design Sponge, but it’s a great DIY project for a wedding as well. They have so many creative uses… hung above tables, chair aisle decor, or an alternative to the expensive flower poms that flower girls use to walk down the aisle. Designed by: Ashley of Dolci Odille

Supplies: Fabric, scissors, hot glue gun, and chinese lanterns.

Step 1: Cut circles out of fabric.
Step 2: Fold the circle in half and put a little hot glue on the center, then fold over to secure.

Step 3: Apply more hot glue to the bottom of the folded circle.

Step 4: Press the bottom of the folded circle with the hot glue onto the chinese lantern.

Step 5: Repeat these steps until the whole lantern is covered. Once finished, attached some fabric to the metal frame of the lantern to hang.