Friday, May 6, 2011

Punk tee art collab with graffiti artist Damin Lujan

 Damin's wife Michelle, daughters Sydney and Ginger and the artist himself
 Damin and his daughter Ginger

Name: Damin Lujan "ZAO"


At what age did you start creating art?
9 is when I was really into drawing, it was about the same time I got into skateboarding, that’s how I remember. Of course I was drawing as long as I can remember but pretty sure 8 or 9 is when it became a hobby.

Do you remember when you really felt like art was going to be part of your life forever?
When I was young drawing and painting were super fun, but never thought of it more than that- fun at that time. It was either skateboard or art depending on what I felt like. If friends were around we would go skate, if they weren't I would draw. I loved skateboarding and liked art at that time. I never really thought about my life, or the future, it was always about the moment.  I'm not sure when I realized it was going to be part of my life forever, all I know is I love art and skateboarding. Now art and skateboarding are a huge part of my life and how we pay our bills, never thought that would happen, its’ a dream come true.

What childhood interests or memories continue to influence you still today?
Childhood interests for sure were growing up in LA- Culver City, skateboard graphics, living across the street from graffiti artists, Venice Beach.

If you couldn't do art what would you do?
I always have skateboarding.

Are your children interested in art as well?
I really think it's their favorite thing to do and every time I paint they want to be right there. I wish I had little mask for them so they could hang out while I paint.  They're not allowed to be around since I mostly use spray paint.  Sydney is 4 and is super into graffiti, she gets excited whenever she sees any, she's like "look graffiti dad", its so rad. One time when she was playing with her toys she was setting up a little city with blocks and said "it’s going to be awesome; there is going to be graffiti and everything." both my girls are amazing.

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